Why Enhanced Visibility Garments?

Government regulations are strict when it comes to safety apparel worn by those who are routinely exposed to the hazards of low visibility while on the job. The ANSI 107 Standard outlines the specific visibility requirements for these types of occupations.

For lower-risk work conditions where true “hi-vis” apparel is not legally required, Red Kap offers a variety of enhanced visibility garments that use either bright fabrics or reflective striping to add an extra element of safety to the workplace or job site.

T-shirt in Fluorescent Yellow/Green

Work Shirt in Light Grey w/ Orange Vis Trim

Bomber Jacket in Navy w/ Yellow Vis Trim

Our product lineup includes t-shirts, long and short sleeve work shirts (available with and without reflective trim), pants, coveralls and jackets. If our stock offering doesn’t include what you’re looking for, you can customize any Red Kap garment with reflective striping through our Imagine It program.

For complete product and regulatory details, check out our Visibility Apparel Guide.

No matter what your visibility apparel needs, good work always stands out.


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One Response to Why Enhanced Visibility Garments?

  1. travels with mary says:

    I love that fluorescent shirt– I’m going to have to get one for my husband!

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