Fabric Facts: Durastripe

Durastripe® is a term that we use to describe one of the many versions of our classic SP14/24 work shirt. The term represents a fabric printing technology that can create the look of stripes and plaids.  While visually similar to a yarn dye, the process is more cost effective and provides the same color retention in the long run. Red Kap worked directly with our fabric mills to create our current offering of 3 colorways, which can be easily used for numerous job functions.

It’s easy to tell the difference between Durastripe and a yarn dye stripe once you know the secret! Just take a look at the inside of the shirt; because Durastripe is a printing technology, the stripes only appear on the outside of the fabric. In the typical yarn-dyed process, the stripes are woven into the shirt, so you’re able to see the pattern of the stripe on both the face and the inside of the fabric.

Check out our Durastripe shirts and other striped work shirts at redkap.com. And tell us, do you like a little pattern in your life or do you prefer solids when on the job?


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