Uniforms 101, Part 4: Selecting a Uniform Provider

(This post is in continuation of our Uniforms 101 series. Part 1: Why A Uniform Program, Part 2: Why Rent, Part 3: Why Buy)

When selecting a provider for the purchasing of uniforms, the most important decision is to determine if local service is required or if the program can be serviced with a less intensive “national” relationship.

A local approach is very hands-on and is one that normally includes a physical location that employees can visit to try on uniforms, obtain alterations and experience delivery of clothing ranging from immediately to several weeks out. The value of this type of service  experience and convenience is typically reflected in a higher price of the garments.

If it isn’t necessary for uniforms to be ordered in person, the cost normally moderates. In this type of service, orders are placed via telephone or website and the garments are shipped to the user’s place of work or residence.  This level of service is normally available from providers that operate on a national level.

The online approach has a menu of additional available services not normally associated with the local purchasing experience. These options include a “company store” where not only uniforms but other items might also be purchased. Employees can be assigned an allowance or allotment to insure budgets are not exceeded and there is normally financial reporting available from the software used to operate the online store.

To help make the decision, you should determine the requirements to successfully manage a uniform program. Make a list, assigning each one a designation of “must have” or “like to have”. Contact several uniform providers (which you can find on redkap.com), asking each one to present a solution addressing your wish list, then pick the one that best blends the required services with prices to fit your budget.


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