Uniforms 101, Part 3: Why buy?

(This post is in continuation of our Uniforms 101 series. Read Part 1 and Part 2.)

Just as there are situations where the rental of uniforms is the best option, there are times when purchasing uniforms makes the most sense. Following are some key factors to consider.

Dirt/Soil – If employees are able to easily get their uniform apparel completely clean at home rather than relying on the heavy-duty cleaning capabilities of an industrial laundry, then renting might not be the best option.

Flexibility – With purchasing, there are no long-term contracts, a wider variety of garment options are available and you have the ability to easily make changes to the program down the road.

Administration – Are you or someone on your staff able to handle all the details of the uniform program, like outfitting a new employee or ensuring uniforms are kept in good condition?

Cost – A one-time, upfront cost will be incurred with the purchase of a uniform program. If cash flow permits and some of the other above factors are true, then purchasing uniforms may be the right decision for your business. While it’s true that over the long run it’s less expensive to purchase uniforms than it is to rent, it’s important to take into account the additional benefits gained through a rental program, such as cleaning, service, repairs, etc.

In the end, there is no right or wrong answer – each individual business must weigh all of the factors in order to determine what uniform solution works best for them. For information on distributors and laundries that offer Red Kap garments, visit redkap.com.

Next up: How to Select a Uniform Provider


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