Uniforms 101, Part 2: Why rent?

(This post is in continuation of our Uniforms 101 Series. Read Part 1: Why A Uniform Program.)

Once you have made the decision that a uniform program is right for your business, the next step is to determine whether or not to opt for a rental program. Here are some key factors to consider:

Dirt / Special Processing: How soiled do your employees uniforms get on the job? Dirty enough that washing their work clothing at home with the rest of the family’s personal laundry items would not be desirable? Would home washing truly get their garments clean or is a stronger wash needed? The dirtier the job, the more suitable the uniforms are to a rental program. The equipment used by industrial laundries washes at much higher temperatures and uses tougher cleaning agents to ensure even the worst grease and grime is removed.

Do the garments used in your uniform program require special processing – either because employees come into contact with chemicals that shouldn’t leave the workplace, or due to the garments needing to be cleaned in a special way? If so, a rental program is ideal because you and your employees will have peace of mind that their garments have been properly handled.

Expense: For those looking for a uniform solution that does not require a large upfront investment, a rental program can be a good option. With most uniform rental contracts, the cost is spread evenly over a period of time, meaning predictable payments and improved cash flow.

Consistency: While any uniform program will inherently bring consistency in appearance to your employees, rental uniforms take that to the next level through regular inspection and repair of garments. It’s also easy for employees to go up or down a size, if necessary, ensuring a fit that is always neat and appropriate.

To find a rental uniform provider in your area, go to Red Kap’s distributor locator here.

Part 3: Why buy?


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